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Now's the Time to Let Spring into your Kitchen

Posted on April 27, 2011 by NinaCarmen Monroe There have been 0 comments

Now’s the Time to Let Spring into Your Kitchen

It’s funny just how universal the urge to spring clean is – many put it down to imitating nature in this growing season when everything is fresh, exciting, and new, and you can’t really argue with that. It’s a great time to let all the cold and dark colors of winter fly out the windows as you fling them open to embrace the warmth of the spring sun.

The kitchen is no exception. As the warmer weather starts to creep in, the room that is the hub of the house more than deserves a spring make-over, but don’t throw up your hands in horror at the thought of re-doing your whole kitchen – a make-over doesn’t have to mean a complete remodeling job, but perhaps a quick splash of paint and a few bright and cheerful accessories. Before you know it, your kitchen will look and feel like spring has come to stay!

Overall Color Scheme

Thinking about a new color for the walls is probably the most drastic measure you’ll have to contemplate in your kitchen make-over. Your walls may already have the color of spring but it must be remembered that a kitchen’s decoration can quickly become jaded and lifeless because of all the cooking that is bound to have an effect on the freshness of your wall color. Think of light, sunny colors – it doesn’t have to be bright yellow but try a duck egg blue or neutral green, something that makes you think of country vistas, fresh mown grass, and days in the sun. If you still want the color you already have that’s fine too, but a new coat will brighten the whole room almost immediately and, on the up side, painting a kitchen is often quicker than most rooms as with all the cupboards and ‘white goods’ there is less wall space to cover.

Talking about ‘white goods’ leads nicely on to another detail you could change if you wanted to opt for a more far reaching re-decoration. As you may already know, ‘white goods’ don’t necessarily have to be white any more – you can significantly change the look of your kitchen by changing the color of your refrigerator or cooker. A wide range of colors is now available from soft, natural tones to bright vibrant colors which can definitely shake up your whole color scheme into something innovative and fresh. A close friend once did this and bought a bright cerise pink refrigerator. As soon as it was installed, she liked the color so much that she went ahead and changed all her cupboard doors to the same cerise pink! To merely say it changed the look of her kitchen would be a gross understatement… so, I’m not saying this is the way to go but it is definitely an option that is open to you.


Once the walls are done then decide whether you want new curtains or blinds to complete the look. Again, this might be a bit drastic when a simple washing will suffice just as well. You can also bring spring in by freshening up the little things too. Everything is in the detail: try and introduce some bright yellow tea-cloths and buy a matching set of place mats to go with them or create a thematic spring color scheme into all your accessories so hints of spring are accented all around you.

Of course, you should also let nature do her own job by keeping a fresh vase of flowers on the kitchen table, or maybe trying to grow your own herbs in a mini garden on your windowsill.

The choices are numerous when it comes to inviting spring into your kitchen, but as long as you think bright, new, and fresh then you’ll soon be walking with a ‘spring’ in your step!

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