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Going Modern: Tips for Contemporary Bedroom Design

Posted on January 17, 2011 by NinaCarmen Monroe There have been 0 comments

It's easy to be impressed when you enter someone's modern sanctuary. Clean lines, sleep furniture, striking solid colors, and lush fabrics make the elements of contemporary design stunning, memorable, and irresistible. But how can one accomplish this sophisticated design? Here are my tips for creating a contemporary space that will be your sanctuary for years to come.

The Measuring Tape is Your Friend: It cannot be stressed enough that the foundation to any design must begin with measurements. Measure the length of each wall, and even the height of the room from ceiling to floor. Then, make sure to measure any piece of furniture you're considering adding to the space. No matter how wonderful it is, if it's too big or too small it'll stick out and not in a good way.

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A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: The contemporary look is characterized by a clean, clear, open space. This means no clutter! This might be the toughest of all to manage, so you've got to make sure, when you're starting your design, to incorporate appropriate storage. Consider under-the-bed drawers, chests in complementing colors, and recessed shelving in the walls to make sure you've got plenty of space for your stuff without any of it stepping on the toes of your design.

Solid Colors: The modern look is also defined by striking foundation colors, to which you can add splashes of accent colors. The most commonly used colors are black, white, and silver, but try purple or chocolate for a regal or warm atmosphere. Or choose something completely different - the key is that whatever color you choose will be the base color, the one you're most likely going to use on the walls, floor, and in matching furniture.

Accessories: Once you've figured out your base color, now you can choose accent colors for accessories like throw pillows, wall hangings, curtains, bedspreads, vases, and anything else you can think of to add flair to your room. This is where the contemporary design really shines. With the right accessories, you can change the look and feel of your room at any time - without going through all the work of painting, carpeting, and buying furniture. Mix a black background with red and white accessories for a breath-taking look, or mix chocolate and hunter green for a contemporary look with a nod to nature. Use your imagination and come up with the color blends and atmosphere that's right for you.

Lights!: You'd be amazed at how much difference even a single light can make. Besides ensuring that you have plenty of natural light from windows, you should also make sure to include lamps with bright tubes or higher wattage bulbs. Look for unique lamps in interesting shapes to add a "modern sculpture" look to your contemporary design. Once you've found the lamps that are right for you, make sure to place them strategically to add spotlight to your favorite areas in the room.

Dinner Table and Wine

Furniture: No room is complete without the furniture. For the modern look, you want to go minimalist. Unique designs are a plus as long as they accent the design rather than taking away from it. Choose pieces with clean, simple lines and a sleek, shiny look that match your base and foundation colors. For instance, if you're going for black as your base color, choose a wooden bed frame with a lustrous black finish and accent the bed with a red or white comforter. Or choose a chair of ebony wood with rich, red velvet upholstery.

Simple, comfortable, and open are the keys to remember when creating your Contemporary Bedroom design. If a piece catches your eyes, you can design your entire room around it using these simple tips. Do you have other ideas for contemporary bedroom design. Share your experience and knowledge here! Or, if you have questions you'd like to see answered, leave a comment below and you might see your question in an upcoming blog! Until next time: keep your lighting ample and your tape measure ready!

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